Redecorating With Today’s Designer Bedroom Sliding Doors

The latest designer bedroom sliding doors for closets have looks which are modern, sleek, and functional. There are many which are green and environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking for plain closet doors or trendy doors, you are bound to find something to suit your taste amongst the new designer lines of these doors. Many of these doors are also very affordable and easy to install. All you need is a little creative vision and some basic hardware and you are ready to do your own sliding door replacement with these doors.

Many of the newer designer products available on the market today and are made from wood that will compliment almost any room décor. They are made from wooden materials such as oak and even bamboo. The bamboo options are much greener option to those which are made of timber. Bamboo sliding doors are just as durable, and are sometimes stronger than their wooden counterparts. The bamboo door designs are often offered in lines which also feature room dividers, and an external wardrobe. These additional other bamboos furniture options can be added to your room and further compliment the new look you are giving to your closets.

Wood and Bamboo Doors

There are also options for sliding closet doors which are made from other sustainable woods and recycled wood products. These green options are made in designs which range from contemporary bifold designs, to other designs which are both modern and sleek. Many of these green door options use other environmentally friendly products to enhance their look. You can find sliding doors which have been painted with earth friendly, non-toxic paints. These options make it possible to redecorate your bedroom without having to do damage to the environment. It is no wonder that these designers’ eco-friendly options have become so popular amongst today’s consumers.

Mirrored Doors

Bedroom sliding doors can also be found in designs which are made of mirrors. While mirrored doors have been around for some time, the more modern versions look incredibly impressive. The reason that they are still being made is that they offer so many positive features the rooms that they are placed. To begin with, they enable a person to use wall space for something other than a full length mirror. Plus, the mirrors on these doors are much larger than the mirrors typically available to hang on a bedroom wall. Another feature they offer is that they make a room appear much larger and add more space. All of these reasons are why they are another great new designer option.

Primitive Country Furniture and Decor

Primitive country furniture brings a harmonious balance into your home with the rest of your decor. These hand-crafted, rustic, and pre-aged furnishings provide warm and welcome comfort to your family and your visitors. For decades the cabin decor, Adirondack, and mountain lodge styles have been known as the least imposing and most comfortable styles available to the country decorator. Primitive country furniture will blend nicely with other similar decorating styles such as the ones listed above and even Arts and Crafts, Mission Movement, French Country and Craftsman furniture. Now, through the incomparable woodworkers of the Amish communities, you too can recreate the surroundings of the great outdoors in your own country home. Your furniture will be understated with simple classic lines.

Cloth and paint colors are neutral or in early Americana colors. The primitive furniture and pillows will be cozy and overstuffed. In the old days, many primitive country furnishings were made from twigs, branches and other natural elements – so look for earthy colors and uneven tones. Primitive country furniture series has tables, chairs, desks, armoires, nightstands, dressers, benches, beds, and thick wood coffee tables. You’ll find them painted, raw, aged, or in artisan hand crafted, old fashioned, traditional designs. The primary feature of this style country furniture is the use of materials from reused pieces, barns, and posts. Planks are old, or fashioned to appear vintage or antique. Some primitive furniture has been created and decorated with bark, branches and twigs. Each log and twig is especially chosen for their shape and texture – right down to the decorative trim. The chunky wood styles of primitive country furniture lend themselves easily to armoires, wardrobes and big tables. Big chests and trunks also double as an innovative coffee table or bench for the foot of the bed.

In the double drawer wardrobe you’ll find much more than a closet. Plain oval dining tables with benches make excellent primitive country dining sets. The wooden wall cupboards, wardrobes, plate racks, and hutches give your dining room a comfortable, country style. Or, place a rectangular work table in your kitchen, and use antique kitchenware for your cooking and serving – this brings back memories of an old farm house, doesn’t it? Use traditional lighting and chandeliers for a truer experience – with those roughly finished cupboards and racks nearby the kitchen experience will be rustic, homey, warm. There are many different ways obtain primitive country furniture, and they aren’t all expensive! Buying used furniture and roughing it up to age it, or overstuffing and recovering larger pieces are two easy and inexpensive alternatives.

This repurposing of existing furniture is also good for the environment. Just because your existing piece of furniture isn’t working for you today, doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed to work for you in the future. For instance, a friend of mine was given an ugly outdated, veneer covered entertainment unit. It was large and just what she needed for her dining room to display her plate collection and cookbooks. We spent 1/2 a day sanding, painting and aging the piece and today everyone asks where they can get primitive country pieces just like hers! Country decor is possible with all the rooms of your house. You can decorate your home wholly or partially in the country style.

So take a look at your existing furniture with a creative eye and consider some of the ways below to changing it to suit your style: Paint, then sand and stain. You won’t believe how different a piece of furniture can look once sanded, painted and stained. You can even change the style of the piece. A cheap wooden Ikea table turned into a beautifl primitive country coffee table (years after use) with a thick application of crackle paint and whitewash finish. Outdated dressers can also change. Change the hardware. A few vintage, restoration or antique handles, hinges or pulls can turn a piece of wood furniture into a rustic masterpiece. Similar to painting, staining and sanding, old glass balls or brass handles add primitive to any previously country furnishing. One of my favorites is to re-upholster or re-cover a sofa, chair, loveseat or footstool. Thick primitive fabric is now easier to come by than ever before (or just look for muslin) to update a piece of furniture.

If you don’t think you have the skill to re-upholster a piece, shop around for some country slipcovers – instant change. Buy antique or vintage pieces. Besides being environmentally friendly, those deals fit right into primitive country decor. Rather than spending $2000 and more on a new couch or dining set, why not shop around for something similar, but gently used? Primitive country furniture is available at affordable prices and will lend that welcome air to any room of your home. Country decor reduces the modern air to most homes and apartments – enhancing the peaceful and authentic nature of your home and your family members.

Renovate Your Room With Plexiglass Closet Doors

Giving your traditional bedroom, or any room in your home for that matter, a contemporary look has never been easy with plexiglass closet doors. You can have louvered, bifold, accordion or bypass style doors with plexiglass.

Plexiglass is a great closet door material for daily use because it would not break or crack easily. You would not have any problem fitting it with your modern home décor because it comes in various designs and finishes. Check out some of the offerings from online retailers (,, etc) and compare their prices first before making a buying decision.

Coloran Acrylic Doors:

Resilient in style, this door is perfect for use in almost all closets in your home, from wardrobe to pantry to laundry. It is moisture-resistant, steam-resistant and can withstand humid or damp conditions. Therefore, there is less possibility that this door will lose its shape or warp.

Plexiglass Doors:

This sliding door can be a great addition to your shelving system. You can combine or mix and match the various available colors to create a unique look in your bedroom or any room in your house. You can combine the colors with clear or frosted door. The myriad of design options available for this door only shows its flexibility.

Armoire with Plexiglass Door:

This children’s armoire features a plexiglass door making it safe for your children’s room. The armoire has three adjustable shelves and a hang bar where you can easily hang clothes. Some of its standard features are hand painted designs and decorative iron scrolls. For optional features, you can have pull knob handles in gold and silver finishes, plain glass and decorative iron scrolls in finishes of either burnished gold, white and antique silver. Meanwhile, the door is available in four finishes, namely red, white, navy and black. The door is constructed with Asian hardwood, solid medium density fiberboard. The dimensions are 19 and ¼ inches in width, 39 inches in length, 60 inches in height and 125 pounds in weight.

SLIM-5 Series Doors:

This plexiglass door is ideal for any room in your house. You have the option of either right or left swing. Standard features are a flush pull and cam keylock. Prices vary according to your choice of design, hardware as well as weight. For example, a door that weighs 18.3 pounds sells for $550.34, $509.10 for a door that weighs 14.8 pounds, $687.94 for a door weighing 28.45 pounds while a 23-pound door sells for $591.62.

Chatsworth Products Inc.’s Plexiglass Door:

Chatsworth offer this replacement door in various styles, including solid plexiglass style, vented, spoiled perforated metal or high flow. You have the option to remove and install to open from either left or right. This door also perfectly fits cabinets designed with side panels. It comes pre-installed with locks and keys. An opening area of 63 percent is available for the perforated door style for greater ventilation.

The Importance Of Quality Fittings In The Home

When building or renovating, the goal is generally to construct the very best home for yourself and your family to live in. Unfortunately, much of the effort and money for such construction is poured into things that may look great, but are rarely functional, or built with quality in mind. One of the most often overlooked aspects of a dwelling are the smaller fittings, such as door handles, locks, hooks, hangers and even hinges. It is very unwise to neglect such items, as they are in heavy use every single day.

Below are a few reasons why you should spend the extra cash on quality fittings for your new build, or renovation, will be explained.


If you went around your house right now and actually took stock, you would be truly amazed at the sheer number of handles within a standard home. Entrance doors, interior doors, cabinets and cupboards all have numerous handles. It pays to remember why these handles are there – to make it easy for you to access things! Cheaply made or poorly designed handles can actually be very difficult to use. Often, handles are fitted due to looking good, rather than being ergonomic and easily grasped by human hands.

When choosing door handles for your home, it is next to useless to simply purchase from a catalogue. Instead, you need to get a feel for the handles you are going to fit. They should sit naturally into your hands and open easily. Just imagine yourself having to use them in the dark, or when tired and base your decision not just on looks, but how easy they are to use.


One of the most important things for your home is security and good quality locks are your first line of defence. Quality locks are much more durable and resistant to attempts to illegally enter the premises. It is crucial that you only choose quality locks and other security fittings to ensure the safety of your family.

Hooks and Hangers

Hooks and hangers in the home are the most common in bathrooms and bedroom wardrobes. Far too many people cheap out on these fittings, using very brittle plastics. Nothing is more annoying than hanging a towel, only to have a hook snap off under pressure. This results in constant replacement of these fittings. If quality hooks and hangers had been fitted initially, this entire process would not need to occur.

Hinges And Brackets

Even more obscure and misunderstood, is the function of hinges and brackets used for doors and cabinets. These items are under constant use, with these doors being opened and closed countless times every day. Over the life of a hinge, it may experience thousands of cycles of use. Because of this heavy usage, it is important that you invest in quality from the very beginning. You will be surprised at the difference quality hinges and brackets can have in the functionality of doors and cabinets.

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy by Separating Your Clothes Into Types

Storage wardrobes are the best things to use to organise all your clothes. It is really unnecessary to pay a high price for complicated closet organising products. All it takes is the will to take a look at your clothing and at your habits and then start to design a plan.

Have a look through what is in your bedroom wardrobe at present and take out anything that you are not likely to wear in the next six months or so. Get rid of any out of date things.

Yes they will come back into fashion one day but, in the meantime, do you really want them taking up space in your wardrobes? This applies to everything including dresses, suits shoes and handbags.

Once you have done that simple thing you will be amazed at how much extra wardrobe storage space you have created.

Now take what remains and try to organize it into groups of items that will go together well. This can be done in several ways such as putting things of the same color together or keeping business suits separate from casual clothes and sports attire. All you have to do now is to put it all back in a neat and tidy way. You probably have a couple of unused bins or baskets lying around somewhere which will come in handy.

If necessary fit in a corner wardrobe which is very useful for saving space or simply get a cheap wardrobe and put it in the spare room. Get some extra shelves and fit them inside a wardrobe or even on the wall for things such as sweaters.

For ease of storage you can get special modern hangers which will hold more than one item. It is a lot easier to get more items in that way. Another way of achieving the same thing is to get some chain from the local hardware store, cut it to the right length, hang it in your closet and use each link as somewhere to hook a coathanger on.

Make sure that the holes in the links are big enough though.

There you are, you have spent very little money on extra furniture and have a nice tidy organised wardrobe. You could also have a separate storage area for winter and summer and repeat this exercise every six months when the season changes.

I think that your biggest challenge will be to sell or throw away the things you never wear though to keep your storage wardrobes in tip top tidiness.

With the way that the economy is today I have had to become the money advice expert for our family and would like to share some ideas that I have found.

Designing Living Rooms for the Summer Season

People take a few things into consideration when choosing their living room furniture and their room arrangement. These are cost, material, and color. Here are some things to think about the next time you would buy living room furniture or choose to live in a hot place in the future:

A major determining factor is the cost if it coordinates with the quality. Some lower-class to middle-class families would have a monthly income that is just not enough if they need to purchase an expensive sofa set or television. They choose their furniture stores carefully – some might go for more expensive specialty stores, or some might go for the ones in regular shopping malls. One tip I can give for penny-pinchers is if possible, to look for freelancers and check out different rates. There are a lot of skilled craftsmen in the neighborhood and the quality of their work is something that can be exported to other countries. The only caveat is that you will need a way of transporting the living room furniture sets that you will be acquiring from them.

In comparison with upper-class interior design (which promotes lavishness as the living room is the entertainment capital of the house), us less fortunate also are sort of drab when it comes to interior design. Most just consists of a few chairs with a television set, possibly a gaming console or bookcase and a coffee table with a vase on top. Rarely would you see paintings and sculptures in the living room.

The next is the material used to make this furniture. For hot places, and with the recent global trend of hotter summers, it’s becoming more and more important to choose the perfect type of material in sofas and rugs. Leather is a big no-no because it heats up easily and is a conductor of heat. The same can be said of shag carpets as well. What I see whenever I check some homes is that they prefer upholstery – it bridges the economic constraint of cost, and is easy to replace as well. It pays to also have a strong sense of recycling living room furniture if possible which has lead to a number of niche jobs for furniture fixers and the like.

Lastly, there is the concept of color, especially in the tropical setting. As you may or may not know, lighter colors generally absorb less heat than darker colors. You will see people who live in hot climate skew toward lighter colors such as white, light blue, and beige for their sofa sets and walls as opposed to the darker ones. This is extremely practical; after all it comes at basically no added cost to the consumer. However thrifty you may be when designing your living room, don’t forget that it doesn’t really matter if you aren’t hospitable or are a grouch! Serve your guests comfortably, and they will surely want to come back and have a good time in your house again!

How to Use Pipe and Drape to Design a Room For Your Event

Pipe and drape systems help individuals design a room that meets their exact specifications. You can use pipe and drape to transform a wide, open space into smaller, more private areas if needed. Easy to set-up and transport, these systems are ideal for a variety of events.

Choosing an appropriate venue for your event is essential. You need to find a place that has plenty of room to accommodate all of your guests and activities. Large spaces, like gyms or auditoriums, are ideal because they have plenty of room for large groups of people. However, these venues are often wide, open spaces that do not have individual rooms or sectioned areas. If you require smaller areas, do not completely eliminate these venues. With a pipe and drape system, you can transform the room and design a space that better meets your individual needs.

Pipe and drape systems can be configured to design a space that will work best for your event. Pipes and bases are lightweight and easy to put together. Many systems allow you to adjust the height and length to fit any space. This enables you to design small sections that will be beneficial to your purpose.

Drape comes in a variety of colors and materials. This selection enables you to choose the fabric that will work best for you. Often, individuals choose colors that match their organization or business colors. Bright colors and lightweight drape tend to look more casual than darker, heavier fabrics. Heavyweight fabric can also block sound and light better than lightweight versions.

Pipe and drape is an ideal solution when you need to divide a room for a conference or corporate event. You can create smaller areas for your guests to meet in in groups to discuss relevant topics or receive pertinent information or training. You can design the area to be closed and private or more open, depending on your needs.

If you need one large area but want to make it feel more private, you can use pipe and drape to surround the area. This configuration makes the area seem more intimate and gives you the effect of a smaller room. Blocking your surroundings and creating a close space for your event helps to focus your guests’ attention and prevents them from being distracted by the activity around them.

Because pipe and drape is easy to transport and set up, you can easily assemble and disassemble it as needed throughout your event. For example, you may need a large auditorium for a keynote address early in the day and then want to divide the group into smaller rooms for small group work. With some assistance, you can transform a room with your pipe and drape system fairly easily and quickly. These systems will not damage the room and are very sturdy so you will not need to worry about them getting knocked over and injuring your guests.

Designing a Room With the Help of Furniture

Designing ethics
A design is consider being more complex as of technology. According to Archer design is defined as an area of manual experience, knowledge and skills which is related with humans ability to shape his surroundings to suit his spiritual needs and materials.

This designing process is essentially considered to be more rational, logical and sequential process in solving the problem. Designing is not only used in the technology world but it is also used in our day to day lives. Consider that you want to decorate your room in your house, in such case to decorate your room, the designing process is involved. Designing does not mean rearranging the elements in the house. It involves some texture, style, and some basic design principles. At the same time you should know how to mix and match the styles.

Designing involves a lot of creative purpose. Consider the furniture designing in your house, which can make a small room look more spacious. There are different types of furniture designing such as storage, seating, surfaces, sets, sleeping or lying and more.

How to decorate a room?
Decorating a room is not a simple task. To decorate a small room is the biggest challenge but you can face the challenge easily by using your planning and design techniques. You can make a smaller room to be a larger one, and also comfortable and attractive. Arrange your furniture in the space provided and the size it could fit in. this where your furniture design works. Furniture design is as simple as someone think, it involves creative process.

There are many different types of furniture available and each has distinct features within them. The most important is the traditional piece, which is commonly known as antique piece. An antique peace is valuable because of it age and the different features available in it. An antique peace is of 50 years older. Furniture designing can be designing your room, floor or a seating place to. Consider if you want to design your floor. Just take a paper and draw an outline how it want to be. Then stick to the design how it has to be. Now your floor is ready. But only thing you have to do is the planning and designing.

For example if you want to design a room for your children, its quite challenging and trick. As children are different from adults in their taste, they have their own requirements, needs and wants to their wishes. Apart from event their style, height, durability and safety, a prime concern when you have children in your home.

When someone is considering safety it is important that you choose high quality furniture which means you focus future in your mind. Before designing your furniture consider for whom you are designing them and in what size and style it has to be. Then start working your furniture. Keep in mind that you work for them which does not outgrow and at the same time don’t work for ages together.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Room

Designing a room in your home should not be something that is simply done in a day. It takes plenty of planning to design a great room that you will love. If you are planning on designing your own room for your home, then here are five things that you need to keep in mind when planning.

Color Used in the Room

One of the biggest factors that will come into play when designing a room will be what colors you use. Colors should reflect the style or theme of the room. If you have a country décor, you are not going to use vibrant colors like bright yellow or orange but will use colors that fit the decorating style like blue, cream, red, and brown. If you are having a hard time choosing colors, then you may want to look for a key piece in the room first such as an area rug or piece of furniture and then base the color scheme off that.

Space in the Room

Before you go and buy that coffee table, you may want to measure the room to see if you have enough comfortable space to fit the coffee table into the décor. You can make any room more efficient and practical when you plan accordingly with the space. Your room should not look completely empty (unless that is the style you are going for) and should definitely not be crammed with items. A room looks best when the space flows well and makes for an inviting place.

Use of Lines in the Room

Be sure that you are considering horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines when you are designing the room. When a room flows well in all aspects and you have taken into consideration all the lines of the room, you can come out with the best looking space. Remember that vertical lines will add height to a room while horizontal lines will work to make a room look wider.

Texture Used in the Room

Texture is an important aspect of designing a room. Think about the many different textures that may be in the room from the furniture to the accessories on the table. Texture can make a room look more appealing to the eye as well as to the touch. Be sure that you are aware of the different textures that you are placing in the room as to not add too many conflicting textures but also not too many of the exact same textures. A healthy balance is the best for a great room design.

Lighting in the Room

Light is a very important part of a room. Light can come from natural sources like windows and doors as well as artificial sources such as the light fixtures and lamps. The lighting in a room will determine how the color appears and what kind of mood the room has. Be sure to consider both sources of light from window treatments to light fixtures when designing the room.

Designing your own room is not an easy task. It should be carefully planned out and all of these aspects should be considered to come up with the best room for your home.

How To Design A Room Around A Fireplace

Every room in your house should have a main focal point, or at least a point that the eyes are automatically drawn too when you come through the door. If you aren’t sure if your main living room has a focal point or not, go out and shut the door. Then come back in and see where your eyes are drawn too. This should be an architectural feature, not the TV set and if that’s all that jumps out at you, its time to start decorating.

The best focal point for any room is a fireplace, fact. If you have never particularly been a fan of fireplaces, you obviously haven’t checked out the enormous range of fireplace design ideas that are readily available these days. There is literally a fireplace to suit everybody, and every room. From modern and contemporary to rustic and ornate, you will find the perfect one for you.

Never try to install a new, or update an old, fireplace and attempt to make it fit in with the rest of the room. The new fireplace is going to be your focal point, so strip the room bear and start with the fireplace first, then design the rest of the room around it. The first place to start is the position of your fireplace. If you have never been happy with the location of your fire, now is the time to change it.

Once you have decided on the location, its time to choose the style, color and, very importantly, the size. While it needs to stand out and immediately draw your eye to it, you don’t want it to seem as if it overpowers the room and gives the impression that your room is small and cluttered.

If you are restricted to where you can put your fireplace and it is going to have to be a small one, a beautiful mirror or picture above it will draw attention to it instantly. If this doesn’t appeal to you, there are other options you can try. By adding some dramatic sculptured piece to the mantel, or even painting a faux border around the fireplace will give it that wow factor.

Be sympathetic with the décor and ensure that the color of the wall doesn’t clash with the fireplace. It is for this reason that contemporary colors such as black, white or gray are becoming increasingly popular as you can redecorate over and over again knowing that everything will blend with your fireplace.

Antique effect fireplaces deserve colors from the period it is emulating, and remember if your fireplace is a light color have it against a dark wall, and vice versa. Arrange your furnishings so that the fireplace can be appreciated from wherever you or your guests are sitting and voila, you have a fabulous room complete with focal point.