Keep Your Bedroom Tidy by Separating Your Clothes Into Types

Storage wardrobes are the best things to use to organise all your clothes. It is really unnecessary to pay a high price for complicated closet organising products. All it takes is the will to take a look at your clothing and at your habits and then start to design a plan.

Have a look through what is in your bedroom wardrobe at present and take out anything that you are not likely to wear in the next six months or so. Get rid of any out of date things.

Yes they will come back into fashion one day but, in the meantime, do you really want them taking up space in your wardrobes? This applies to everything including dresses, suits shoes and handbags.

Once you have done that simple thing you will be amazed at how much extra wardrobe storage space you have created.

Now take what remains and try to organize it into groups of items that will go together well. This can be done in several ways such as putting things of the same color together or keeping business suits separate from casual clothes and sports attire. All you have to do now is to put it all back in a neat and tidy way. You probably have a couple of unused bins or baskets lying around somewhere which will come in handy.

If necessary fit in a corner wardrobe which is very useful for saving space or simply get a cheap wardrobe and put it in the spare room. Get some extra shelves and fit them inside a wardrobe or even on the wall for things such as sweaters.

For ease of storage you can get special modern hangers which will hold more than one item. It is a lot easier to get more items in that way. Another way of achieving the same thing is to get some chain from the local hardware store, cut it to the right length, hang it in your closet and use each link as somewhere to hook a coathanger on.

Make sure that the holes in the links are big enough though.

There you are, you have spent very little money on extra furniture and have a nice tidy organised wardrobe. You could also have a separate storage area for winter and summer and repeat this exercise every six months when the season changes.

I think that your biggest challenge will be to sell or throw away the things you never wear though to keep your storage wardrobes in tip top tidiness.

With the way that the economy is today I have had to become the money advice expert for our family and would like to share some ideas that I have found.