How to Use Pipe and Drape to Design a Room For Your Event

Pipe and drape systems help individuals design a room that meets their exact specifications. You can use pipe and drape to transform a wide, open space into smaller, more private areas if needed. Easy to set-up and transport, these systems are ideal for a variety of events.

Choosing an appropriate venue for your event is essential. You need to find a place that has plenty of room to accommodate all of your guests and activities. Large spaces, like gyms or auditoriums, are ideal because they have plenty of room for large groups of people. However, these venues are often wide, open spaces that do not have individual rooms or sectioned areas. If you require smaller areas, do not completely eliminate these venues. With a pipe and drape system, you can transform the room and design a space that better meets your individual needs.

Pipe and drape systems can be configured to design a space that will work best for your event. Pipes and bases are lightweight and easy to put together. Many systems allow you to adjust the height and length to fit any space. This enables you to design small sections that will be beneficial to your purpose.

Drape comes in a variety of colors and materials. This selection enables you to choose the fabric that will work best for you. Often, individuals choose colors that match their organization or business colors. Bright colors and lightweight drape tend to look more casual than darker, heavier fabrics. Heavyweight fabric can also block sound and light better than lightweight versions.

Pipe and drape is an ideal solution when you need to divide a room for a conference or corporate event. You can create smaller areas for your guests to meet in in groups to discuss relevant topics or receive pertinent information or training. You can design the area to be closed and private or more open, depending on your needs.

If you need one large area but want to make it feel more private, you can use pipe and drape to surround the area. This configuration makes the area seem more intimate and gives you the effect of a smaller room. Blocking your surroundings and creating a close space for your event helps to focus your guests’ attention and prevents them from being distracted by the activity around them.

Because pipe and drape is easy to transport and set up, you can easily assemble and disassemble it as needed throughout your event. For example, you may need a large auditorium for a keynote address early in the day and then want to divide the group into smaller rooms for small group work. With some assistance, you can transform a room with your pipe and drape system fairly easily and quickly. These systems will not damage the room and are very sturdy so you will not need to worry about them getting knocked over and injuring your guests.