5 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Room

Designing a room in your home should not be something that is simply done in a day. It takes plenty of planning to design a great room that you will love. If you are planning on designing your own room for your home, then here are five things that you need to keep in mind when planning.

Color Used in the Room

One of the biggest factors that will come into play when designing a room will be what colors you use. Colors should reflect the style or theme of the room. If you have a country décor, you are not going to use vibrant colors like bright yellow or orange but will use colors that fit the decorating style like blue, cream, red, and brown. If you are having a hard time choosing colors, then you may want to look for a key piece in the room first such as an area rug or piece of furniture and then base the color scheme off that.

Space in the Room

Before you go and buy that coffee table, you may want to measure the room to see if you have enough comfortable space to fit the coffee table into the décor. You can make any room more efficient and practical when you plan accordingly with the space. Your room should not look completely empty (unless that is the style you are going for) and should definitely not be crammed with items. A room looks best when the space flows well and makes for an inviting place.

Use of Lines in the Room

Be sure that you are considering horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines when you are designing the room. When a room flows well in all aspects and you have taken into consideration all the lines of the room, you can come out with the best looking space. Remember that vertical lines will add height to a room while horizontal lines will work to make a room look wider.

Texture Used in the Room

Texture is an important aspect of designing a room. Think about the many different textures that may be in the room from the furniture to the accessories on the table. Texture can make a room look more appealing to the eye as well as to the touch. Be sure that you are aware of the different textures that you are placing in the room as to not add too many conflicting textures but also not too many of the exact same textures. A healthy balance is the best for a great room design.

Lighting in the Room

Light is a very important part of a room. Light can come from natural sources like windows and doors as well as artificial sources such as the light fixtures and lamps. The lighting in a room will determine how the color appears and what kind of mood the room has. Be sure to consider both sources of light from window treatments to light fixtures when designing the room.

Designing your own room is not an easy task. It should be carefully planned out and all of these aspects should be considered to come up with the best room for your home.